There’s Never a Paeleontologist Around When You Need One

The ground floor of Oldford Farmhouse consists of the original stone flags laid 400 years ago. Imagine our surprise when a spillage of some liquid onto the utility room floor revealed the above image of what looks to be a fossilised rodent of some kind. This could easily have been exposed when the stone was split to create the slab all those years ago, but remained unseen for centuries until it was made known by nothing more technical than a flying banana milkshake.

If any of you have any expertise in this area we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Is it actually a fossil or just a random feature that resembles a mammal?

Beats me…

The Author

Stephen Leathley, along with Maria Leathley is owner/operator of Riverside Cottage Holidays in Frome He is a musician and educator at The Riverside Guitar Workshop 

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