The Old Ford in Late Spring

For me, the most magical place at Oldford Farm is the old Roman ford. It doesn’t just change with the seasons – or even daily – it changes by the hour when the light changes, the volume of water in the river goes up or down, or the wind changes direction. It’s like a magical grotto down there and I often hit the mute button on my phone and go there just to listen to the water and think. I think about the 2,000 years of history and of the people that have crossed there, and I think of what life was like for them. It’s a marvellously calming antidote for the pressures of the modern world, and I heartily recommend it to our guests.

The Author

Stephen Leathley, along with Maria Leathley is owner/operator of Riverside Cottage Holidays in Frome He is a musician and educator at The Riverside Guitar Workshop 

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