A Mystery at Oldford Farm

Following the recent dry spell, the River Frome is at the lowest level we have seen in the two years we have been here. When a wooden post began to appear out of the water we were intrigued to know what it was. Why was it put there? Are there other posts like it still under the water? Was there a jetty contructed there at some point?

Faced with these questions, there was only one thing for it. I stepped up, grabbed the waders and persuaded Maria to go investigate. You can see the mysterious post to her right in the picture. It is definitely set into the riverbed, but we have no idea why.

This being an ancient building, with usage of the site literally dating back millenia (the old Roman Ford and road for example) we are always sensitive to finds that might be historical in nature. This post is very well preserved and so is clearly not centuries old, but we can be pretty sure it wasn’t put there in the last 25 years – the previous owner knows nothing about it.

The mystery remains… answers on a postcard please

The Author

Stephen Leathley, along with Maria Leathley is owner/operator of Riverside Cottage Holidays in Frome www.riversidecottage-holidays.co.uk He is a musician and educator at The Riverside Guitar Workshop https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091809679938 

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